Macci Extruder

Within our extrusion department we have 8 extruders which enable us to supply a wide variety of different substrates – LDPE, Metallocines, LLDPE and most recently biodegradable film.

We are able to extrude:

  • 20 Micron (80 gauge) up to 200 micron (800 gauge)
  • Lay Flat Tubing - from 150mm to 2000mm
  • Centre Fold Sheet - from 150mm/300mm to 2000mm/4000mm Low width mini-extruder
  • Single Wound Sheet - 250mm to 2000mm

We are also able to produce films with a wide variety of properties

  • colours to suit your needs
  • micro-perforating
  • compostable, bio-degradable, oxo-degradable
  • anti-slip, or high slip
  • peelableClassic Extruder
  • anti-static
  • anti-mist

As well as the films we extrude, we also offer a wide range of specialised films such as:

  • Metallised Extrusion Reel
  • Co-Extruded (Co-Ex)
  • Cast Polypropylene (CPP)
  • Oriented Polypropylene (OPP)