Contingency Planning


The three production facilities, the computer systems and staff training are such that should a disaster occur at one site, such as fire, another site can take over and ensure the timely delivery of products to key customers.

Management Information System

The core software used to manage orders, production, invoicing etc. has been design to allow replication of data.

Each site has redundant servers locally.

Daily backups are stored off-site and a live e copy of the Data Warehouse is also stored off-site. Each quarter, emergency DVD are burned and stored at yet another location.

All productions facilities use the same software, allowing easy transferal of Orders between sites.


Boran Mopack have additional storage capacity off site. Boran Plastic Packaging and Boran Ltd. are within a few Kilometres of each other. In both cases key customers can requests that stocks be kept in two physical facilities if required.

Printing Plates

All digital images of Printing Plates is held by the relevant reprographic houses and backed up on drives and CDs. In case of emergency, Repro companies can remake plates from backups within a turnaround time of 3 days.

Plant & Equipment

The two plants in Strabane and Naas both have extrusion, printing, lamination, slitting and conversion. In the event of one facility being inoperative, products for key customers can be produced at other plant. Operators of both extrusion and printing equipment are fully versed in the identical production facility and computer systems.