Manufacturing capabilities



The manufacturing process

The manufacturing process consists of one or more steps, transforming polymer granules into a finished product such as polythene film or bags:

This section explains our capabilities in each of these processes, that allows us to offer a wide array of products including extruded films, printing, bag and sheets.

Core manufacturing capabilities include:

  • In-house blown extrusion (mono layer and co-extruded LDPE-LLDPE-PP) with the ability to extrude a wide variety of film blends, colours, sizes and thickness.
  • Flexographic 8 colour printing (process and line)
  • Production of extruded film, rollstock and converted bags
  • Laminating of a wide variety of substrates (Polyethylene (PE), Polypropylene (PP), Polyester (PET) and Nylon (PA))

All production runs are monitored through a quality assurance management and inspection system, designed to minimise defects and insure the product performs to specification.

Flexibility and precision

The business has developed expertise and reputation over many years to produce products to exacting standards to meet customer requirements.

Flexibility & reliable deliveryBy using modern Production Techniques, our customers benefit from shorter lead times due to the efficiencies attributed to the new technologies proposed. Additionally, by utilising modern production techniques and highly automated equipment, the finished product has the potential to be more cost competitive and of a higher quality than that produced previously.

Development of new products, requiring different raw materials, can give potential new suppliers exposure into new markets and geographical areas and strengthen the position of existing suppliers

All production equipment is state-of-the-art to ensure minimum wastage and the highest possible efficiencies, reducing energy costs and pollution.

Further information on the technology

WikipediaThe following Wikipedia links offer a more detailed explanation of the manufacturing process: Polythene, LDPE, polypropylene, Extrusion, Flexographic printing, plastic bags,